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Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
san francisco in the 60s, 70s and 80s. being a >> roger williams, while he was a member of the clergy was also trained in civil law and the workforce or hook in the british parliament and the star chamber and we see a lot of these ideas in civil law and separation of church and state began to be articulated in text like this. as the famous bloody tenant of persecution. this is really where we see roger williams talking about the idea of the freedom of religion. he is very much showing at this point why he is different and why his thinking is different and why rhode island will be different for massachusetts, the plymouth bay colony and other colonies to the north. he was creating a land where people could come, worship as they chose to not always be protected by civil law. this did not of course if i was inclined orbit massachusetts. by active british parliament, all the copies of this book were set to be burned. luckily, not all of them were were able to show that to people today. >> in the book "season of the witch," author david top it presents san francisco from the inside
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
i remember being in san francisco when fit mondale was being nominated and at the san diego mcdonald's, 21 people were killed in a mass shooting. these have become kind of routine in this country to a greater degree than they are anywhere else in the western world. >> one thing to keep in mind -- the united states is not an unusually violent country. that an important point to keep in mind. when you look at the united states and care compare to the united kingdom, we do not have lots more assaults or robberies than places like the unite kingdom. the place where we're different is respect to our homicide rate. makes us very different and the difference between the united states and the united kingdom, almost all of it is driven by gun homicides. i am not very enthusiastic about letting my eight-year-old daughter watching violent video game, but i think the gun piece of this really is the most important thing that makes us so different from other industrialized countries. >> the point i would make with respect to that, is that there is a big difference between homicides here a
Jan 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
not, we will not build a ticket. as in san francisco. i met someone there. i said to peter and his $72,000. how that can happen, if we know there's 9 million people waiting for treatment in africa, we need innovation. so i am seeing that what they knew that coming, which is very important. i know peter very well, he was my bios, my mentor, one of the best probably we have. and this also visited community to not show what it has been able to do for the world because today if we save millions of lives, i want to say that honestly we were no knower 10 years ago when looking for result country by country. why it's not working. today we have almost 7 million people. that is peter. peter moved us from million 2 billion in terms of resource privatization, demonstrating individual select to this indispensable to save lives for people and i want to say thanks to peter for that. >> thank you. that's nice, michel. but when you look at the index of this book, it's only people i met some purpose. why? because i was maybe different person, anything going wrong anywhere in the world in terms of a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3